Holistic Lifestyle Wellness and

Resilience Secrets

Online Summit for Professional

Workers and Business Owners

Physical and Mental Resilience Secrets To Cope With Work and Business Stress in a Healthy Way

Are you a high-achieving professional worker or an

entrepreneur aged between 25-60 years, struggling

with debilitating work or business stress?

If stress is affecting your sleep, your relationship with

loved ones, self-care, mental health, and overall

quality of life, it is time to discover how to build

your resilience against stress


Your physical and mental resilience against stress

helps you to cope with stress without substance

abuse, sleep deprivation, isolation, and stress-


But what if I told you there's a proven path to reclaiming

your vitality, joy, and success - without sacrificing your drive and ambition?

If you want to :

  • build your physical/mental resilience against work or business stress this year.
  • conquer stress without sacrificing your health or happiness.
  • overcome barriers to a healthy lifestyle.
  • identify and resolve inner obstacles to reaching your health goals this year.
  • create a stress behavior change action plan.

Then, the "Holistic Lifestyle Wellness and Resilience Secrets Summit can show you how.

"The American Institute of Stress reported that 83% of US workers

suffer from work-related stress, with 25% saying their job is the number one stressor in their lives."

The American Psychological Association reports that 80% of entrepreneurs are at risk of burnout due to overwork. too much, increasing their risk of burnout3

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In

Did you know that a healthy

lifestyle can be your medicine?

But modern times make workers

and business owners adopt

unhealthy behaviors.

Do any of these apply to you:

i) work long hours

ii) remain sedentary/physically inactive

iii) eat unhealthy

iv) sleep deprived

v) experience chronic stress.

or do you experience repeated:

i) tension headaches

ii) feel fatigued

iii) struggle with pain

iv) workplace anxiety

v) experience various forms of work-induced physical and mental discomforts.

Then the Holistic Lifestyle Wellness and Resilience Secrets Online Summit will be a great fit for you.

Here are The Line-up of Speakers and

Their Topics During The 5-Day Event

Short Duration Interviews Per Speaker

Featured Experts Sessions

Day 01


How Nutrition Influences Mood, Stress Level, and Brain Performance

In this expert session, Associate Professor Rachele discusses how food choices impact mood, stress level and performance. She also gives examples of evidence-based foods that can support mental and physical performance.


Holistic Approaches and Lifestyle Changes for Chronic Pain Management

In this expert session, Associate Professor Andrea Furlan discusses the causes of chronic pain and holistic and lifestyle management approaches.


Recharging and Fueling Your Day: Nutrition and Energy Management for Physical and Mental Resilence at Work

In this expert session, Ben discusses how eat properly to recharge and self-care habits to boost your resilience at work.


Tools and Techniques for Building Resilience To Prevent Burnout

In this session, Dr Rozina shares her burnout story including proven strategies to prevent burnout and recover from it.

Day 02


Daily Practices and Tools for Sustainable Peak Mental and Physical Performance at Work

In this session, workplace expert Melissa shares from her experience daily habits and tools for peak performance.


How To Overcome the #1 Inner Obstacle and the Major Reason Why You Struggle To Reach Your Health Goals and Behavior Change

In this expert session, wellness experts Greg and Antonia reveal what holds most people back from achieving their health goals and the solution to it.


Mindful Movement Strategies for Improving Posture, Reducing Unnecessary Muscle Tension, and Preventing Work-Related Pain

In this expert session, movement expert Lavinia shares how to use mindful movement to reduce muscle tension and prevent pain while working.


Breathing Techniques for Stress Reduction and Enhancing Focus and Clarity at Work

In this expert session, wellness and breathing expert Rita shares how to reduce stress and improve your mental clarity by changing how you breathe.

Day 03


How Physical Fitness Coaching Can Optimize Work Performance and Overall Health.

In this expert session, Prof Erin shares what physical fitness is and how coaching can enhance work performance and health.


“Holistic Time Management Secrets and Tools To Minimize Stress in Life, Work, and Business”

In this expert session, Holistic time coach, Becca shares how to manage time holistically to include work and enjoyable activities.


The #1 Barrier To Sustainable Lifestyle Behavior Change and How To Overcome It.

In this expert session, wellness expert, Lion(P.C.C) shares the major reason why most people don’t sustain behavior change and how to overcome it.


How to manage chronic insomnia and improve your sleep

In this expert session, behaviour change expert, Dr Vecoh shares proven strategies, habits and behaviours that can help you overcome chronic insomnia

Day 04


Workplace anxiety: Causes, tools, and techniques to manage anxiety and build resilience at work

In this expert session, wellness expert Peggy shares how to manage and boost resilience against workplace anxiety.


Seasonal Self-Care Outdoor activities and Nature's Role in building Immune resilience during winter

In this expert session, naturopathic Doctor, Owen shares why you should expose yourself to nature even in the winter.


How to change your mental and emotional state in a high-pressure and stressful work environment.
(Within minutes)

In this expert session, wellness expert Merina shares how to alter your mental and emotional states quickly whenever you feel distressed.


How to integrate Mindful Eating and Joyful Movement in a stressful work environment

In this expert session, wellness expert Dr Michelle shares how to use mindful eating and movement to manage workplace stress.


The Science and Evidence-Based Techniques How to Achieve your Health Goals and Change Unhealthy Lifestyles

In this expert session,Dr Vecoh shares evidence that supports why you struggle to be consistent with your lifestyle goals and how to change unhealthy lifestyles.

Day 05


Understanding Burnout: Triggers, health consequences, and self-care solutions

In this expert session, Burnout recovery coach Victor shares his burnout recovery story and proven self care solutions to burnout.


Nutrition coaching and physical fitness strategies for female workers and entrepreneurs.

In this expert session, fitness coach, Annmarie shares how female entrepreneurs and workers can optimise their health with healthy nutrition and fitness techniques.


Healthy food choices for sustaining optimal work performance and holistic wellness.

In this expert session,food

expert Nancy discusses the importance of healthy foods and some techniques for identifying ones.


How to eat healthy on a daily basis

In this expert session, Dr Vecoh shares a proven strategy to eat healthy on a daily basis and a healthy relationship with food.

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What Attendees are Saying about the Summit

Discover evidence-based lifestyle medicine strategies and tools to enable you:

  • Feel better by managing insomnia and sleep deprivation through positive lifestyle changes.

  • Prioritize and incorporate enjoyable physical activities into your busy routine for optimal physical and mental fitness.

  • Discover healthy eating guidelines and experience the benefits of improved nutrition, including increased energy, enhanced focus, and overall well-being.

  • Implement mindfulness practices and healthy coping mechanisms to support and manage work-related stress.

  • Establish work-life boundaries, prevent burnout, and create a healthy and happier work environment.

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No worries.

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Ready for a new beginning?


  • Feeling stressed and burnt out

  • Struggling with stress induced insomnia and anxiety

  • Recurrent physical and mental fatigue


  • Gained insights to cope with stress

  • Insights on sleep habits and anxiety management

  • Healthy food choices and habits for energy

Why Should You Register for

This Online Wellnes Summit

During these expert interview sessions, you’ll learn from personal wellness stories from the experts and the following benefits:

  • Supportive online community: You will learn and connect with like-minded individuals who are also on the journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  • Proven tools and strategies that will enable you become more resilient in the new year.

  • World-Class Quality Wellness Strategies: Learn from university professors, associate professors and wellness experts with decades of experience what works and what doesn't to remove the guess work.

Valuable Resources and Strategies Revealed by Industry Leading Health and Wellness Experts and Influencers.


Featured Experts


Research-backed strategies and tools to enable you to take action. and support along your health transformation journey.

Supportive Online Community

Sessions with the host to answer your questions and online community to support you.

Meet Your Host Dr Vecoh

Dr Vecoh, whose real name is Christopher Ugo Oseh, is a compassionate physician turned

health and wellness coach leveraging almost a decade of clinical experience

managing and counseling patients toward better health through positive lifestyle changes.

Has a strong success track record of treating and co-managing individuals with chronic illnesses.

He is a certified health coach, and behavior change expert by the American Council on Exercise.

He’s skilled at employing active listening, motivational Interviewing,

goal-setting and accountability to empower individuals to achieve their personal health goals and to change unhealthy behaviors.

He’s passionate about educating and inspiring people to make positive choices that help prevent and manage chronic diseases.

His work has been featured with popular publications such as British Medical Journal, LiveScience Healthline Media,

SERMO, Harvard medical blog and other health and wellness brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the speakers be Live?

No. You will get access to some of the recorded interviews from the speakers.

There is an option to upgrade to get lifetime access to the recordings, multiple bonuses, and three live sessions with the host.

What are the exact dates & timings?

it is on demand so you can watch the free sessions at your convenience but for a limited time only.

Registered participants will receive details on accessing the sessions closer to the event date

Who is this 5 days event for?

It is strictly for working professionals and business owners of all sizes who need lifestyle changes to handle stress, burnout, sleep deprivation, etc..

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The information these health and wellness experts will share during this summit is strictly for educational purposes only.

This summit is not intended to replace the medical advice and physical examination from a qualified health professional.

Even though Dr Vecoh will strive to ensure complete and accurate health information will be shared during the summit, Dr Vecoh shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by applying the content during this summit.

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